Wireless Support: Delete unused CSU wireless profiles from device

DIT Recommend that all CSU wireless profiles except for Eduroam are removed from your device to ensure the best wireless experience. Some users experience connection dropouts when they have multiple CSU profiles on their device. We recommend the following.

  • Wireless users should remove their eduroam and Install-eduroam profiles if present.
  • Once successfully connected to Eduroam, users should also remove the Install-eduroam profile, if present.


  • Windows 10
    1. Click the Wireless Network icon on the system tray.
    2. Click Network Settings
    3. Click Manage Wi-Fi Settings
    4. Under Manage known networks, click the network you want to delete
    5. Click Forget. The wireless network profile is deleted
  • Windows 8.1
    1. Open PC Settings and go to Network
    2. In the Connections section, look for Wi-Fi and the "Manage known networks" link. Click or tap on it.
    3. Windows 8.1 displays a list with the wireless networks for which its stores connection details
    4. Select the network you want to forget and press Forget this network
  • Windows 7
    1. Go to Start, Control Panel, Network and Sharing Center
    2. In the Tasks pane, click Manage wireless networks
    3. Right-click the connection you want to delete, and then click Remove network
    4. When prompted Are you sure you want to remove this network? Click Yes
  • Mac OSX
    1. Select the WiFi symbol along the top menu bar and click on Open Network Preferences at the bottom of the drop down menu
    2. Click on WiFi in the menu on the left and click Advanced located at the bottom right of the pop-up window
    3. Select the WiFi network you want to delete, and click the minus sign as indicated in the image below. Click OK.


  • Apple iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch
    1. From the home screen, tap Settings
    2. Locate the wireless network you want the iPhone to forget, and then tap the blue arrow next to its name
    3. Tap Forget this Network
      iPhone Forget this network
  • Android
    1. Navigate to Apps
    2. Locate and tap Settings
    3. Tap Wi-Fi
    4. Long Press the wireless network you want to remove
    5. Click Forget Network

Create a new connection to Eduroam using the instructions from the support page